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PK Fireshield intends to provide you with the information you require to safeguard your business from the pitfalls of not adhering to correct fire legislation that is currently in place in this country.

Fire ExtinguisherYou may think that you are safe and that your business has followed the guidelines that are put forward in the legislation, but you need to check, or face a hefty fine, or possible closure.

PK Fireshield is offering a free consultation to help you and your business understand your legal obligations. For details of our free consultation, please click here.

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Not sure of how the legislation affects you?

Click here for a range of different types of business and how the law affects them. The law affects an office-based business differently from an industrial business, for example.

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Shop owner fined for nine fire safety breaches
29 May 2012
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National retailer convicted of fire safety offences
07 June 2012
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